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Submitted on
February 27, 2013


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Look, I found out how long journal titles can be.

Hello, there, subject name. I have a character (scratch that--multiple, but we're focusing on one here) who likes to wear nice clothes, and I can't seem to make him any. So here. Why don't you?

What To Do

Firebrand Master Ref by TheOneWhoEatsNachos This is Firebrand. Design him an outfit. Draw him in it.

It has to be something he would actually wear, pants. You may draw him in his anthropomorphic form or his human form, but you can only use his quadrupedal form to illustrate what parts of the outfit, if any, transfer to it (you don't have to do that, though). I'll be judging you on the outfit, not on how you draw him--it won't have any bearing on your placing if you miss details of his appearance or sketch him or make a mannequin shaped like him or turn him into a faceless creature. I do need to be able to see the outfit well, though.
The outfit will be judged on...well, on whether or not it looks good. And on whether or not he would like it. It looking good is a prerequisite for him liking it, so I guess I'm basically judging it on whether or not he would like it.

Firebrand's Preferences

See also his reference.

Bright colors
Complicated patterns and designs
Lace (especially in black and blue--usually not in white)
Shiny accents
Buttons and bows and crap (less shiny accents)
Being able to move his legs

Pants. He will not wear pants.
Dull and brownish colors
Lack of contrast
Overwhelmingly pink outfits
Certain feminine pieces (Sort of specific--he's fine with looking androgynous
or feminine, but he won't wear a hoop skirt or a hairbow. If you're not sure
whether or not he'll wear a certain accessory you can ask.)

+Shorts count as pants. He would have to cut a hole for his tail, which would become a giant, pointless gap in the seat in his human form. If you think you can cover that up somehow without him having to change every time he shifts forms, go for it.
Don't go for pants, though, they're prohibitive when you have digitgrade legs.

Brownie Points or Whatever

Things you don't have to do, but which would be pretty great.

Draw the outfit from multiple angles (like a reference)
Tell me or show me what parts of the outfit carry to his quadrupedal form
Give some detail on the details


•The outfit must be in color, but Firebrand can be in black and white or orange and blue or whatever. Some color on him would be helpful, but it isn't necessary.

•You may use a base, but I'd prefer you didn't. If you do, please at least draw horns on it or something. I'll have trouble associating it with him if it's on a little human bean.

•If you don't win you can keep the outfit or let me keep it. Or you could sell it or something, there are a lot of things you could do. The point is, you can do whatever you want with it.
→If you decide to sell it, please tell me your price. I may want to buy it.
→Also, if you decide to sell it, please draw it on a mannequin or something which is not Firebrand before you do so. :I I don't want anyone accidentally thinking they bought him.

•If you do win first, second or third place, it is mine forever yissss thank you.

•If you have any questions, ask me. I'm horrible at writing rules. And guidelines. And stuff.

•Deadline 11:59:59 PM EST March 31, 2013. No extensions available.


First Place

Three Month Premium Membership or 636 :points: (TheOneWhoEatsNachos)
Big Digital Request* (TheOneWhoEatsNachos)
Traditional - Lines & Color (TheOneWhoEatsNachos)
Digital Request (GenericUserName3454)
Animated Avatar Request (Dracona-Wynne-Hale)

Second Place

One Month Premium Membership or 396 :points: (TheOneWhoEatsNachos)
Relatively Simple Digital Request* (TheOneWhoEatsNachos)
Traditional - Black & White (TheOneWhoEatsNachos)
Simple Digital Request (GenericUserName3454)
Static Avatar Request (Dracona-Wynne-Hale)

Third Place

100 :points: (TheOneWhoEatsNachos)
600x600 Digital Request* (TheOneWhoEatsNachos)
Digital Lineart (GenericUserName3454)
Traditional Sketch (TheOneWhoEatsNachos)

If you're interested in donating prizes please tell me. I may be able to reimburse you slightly, but I make no promises.

*Big digital requests are things like this: where they have backgrounds and lots of effort and stuff--600x600s are like so: smaller, no background, sort of sketchy, though I'll probably put more effort into the prizes than I put into that one...a "relatively simple digital request" would be somewhere in between the two. Maybe something like this: ?
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Dracona-Wynne-Hale Apr 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*totally did a sketch and never colored it oops*
Dracona-Wynne-Hale Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Eh, d'you want it anyway?
X-DarkHunter-X Mar 31, 2013  Student General Artist
[link] viola~
Thank you! I'll go check it out! :D
X-DarkHunter-X Mar 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Almost done my entry :)
EphemeralStar Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
[link] whoop whoop last minute entryyyyy *bricked*
All of my entries are always last minute. Thank you!
EphemeralStar Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ArousingSoul Mar 14, 2013   General Artist
Can I join in?
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